Sumit “Almighty” Raturi

Sumit “Almighty” Raturi


He opted photography as a hobby during his teen years. He also joined a graduation course of photography but fate had something else in store for him. Before he could complete his course, he got an offer from a production house and since then has not only been clicking but has also been teaching the art of photography to others.

Crazy. Guy-next-door looks. Can woo you with his culinary skills. If there is one word to describe Sumit, it is “craziness”. He believes he is the ‘Creator’ and early in the day or late in the night, he creates good pictures for sure. Camera is a constant companion of his ‘High-ness’ and mind you, he ventures out in the unknown a lot. And when he is not travelling or working, you will often find him experimenting with creating new cuisines.

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